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I am Brett Ousley, the owner of Kiev Connections. I live in Kiev and am directly involved with meeting and selecting our women, as well as, directly managing the office. How many owners of marriage agencies live in Eastern Europe? Few, they all live comfortably in America managing their agencies remotely. Please come to Kiev and meet me, the American owner Brett Ousley. Or better yet, call me in Kiev at 380-44-209-04-43. Don’t forget that Kiev is 7 hours ahead of East Coast time!

How many American owners of Agencies live in Ukraine or Russia and give you the telephone number to call them? None! Why would you be looking for an agency that has thousands of women? Almost all agencies purchase their women from a database. They know nothing about these women other than what is on a form they receive from a vast database that has been compiled from almost any source available. These women are marketed by literally hundreds of agencies and receive many letters every day. You will just be one of hundreds!

Kiev Connections is based IN Kiev. Why would you like to correspond with women from all over the former Soviet Union? You will have correspondence with women spread over thousands of miles! It will be impossible to coordinate a trip to see more than one or two. You can come to Kiev and easily see as many as you want. Russian and Ukraine are vast countries. If you use an International agency that has purchased their database from any source across the wide Former Soviet Union it will be mechanically impossible for you to meet more than on or two of them.

All of the women in the Kiev section have been consulted personally by our staff. They have all been carefully selected and consulted. We keep contact with these women constantly and they are available for introduction by our highly professional and friendly staff in Kiev.  

Kiev Connections specializes with these women. We suggest you write and call our Kiev ladies and get to know each other. After you become friends with several women the next step is for you to travel here and meet them!  We will be happy to help with all of your travel needs here in Kiev. We can arrange an apartment here for you, as well as, help with any meeting. We also have pick up service at the airport, translation, interpreter, and other services. If you write to the women of Kiev they will all be here in one city. Click here to see the Women of Kiev.

On many agencies the rate of bad and bogus addresses runs as high as 60%. Many of these women’s identities are fraudulent and are scams. Please look at our site. Recognize the background of most of the photos? It is our office or the street in front of the office. We take most of the photos ourselves. Most women meet us initially in our office, are consulted and photographed here. How many women do you need? Would you prefer a few hundred genuine and interested women or a large flawed database with thousands? Do not fall for the trap please.

Almost all Russian Women marriage agencies are of two types. There are National or International Agencies.

National agencies are generally located in Ukraine or Russia. They are owned and operated by Ukrainians and Russians. Many cities, Like Lugansk Ukraine, have an entire industry that has developed to take money from foreigners. I have lived in these cities and have personally seen how they operate. They are not interested in getting you married. They are solely interested in deceiving you and taking your money. They have entire staffs of MEN and women who write you representing themselves as beautiful women who are interested in marring you.

Do you want to fly across the world to meet a woman who might not exist? Do you want to be in the literal middle of no where and be dependent on a Ukrainian or Russian who is very interested in your money? How about the law or the police? Local Ukrainian and Russian authorities think it is GOOD to steal and deceive "RICH"  foreign men like you!

International Agencies are located in countries like America, England, Australia or Germany. These agencies have never met the women who are in their database and have no idea of who you are corresponding with. They know nothing about these women other than what is on a form they receive from a vast database that has been compiled from almost any source available. They have simply purchased their database. How well will the International agency know the women who they have never met? If they have never met them how do they know the women are not scams or if the women even exist?

These are mass marketing companies who only want you to buy their product. Call them and ask about a particular woman. They will have no answer. They do not even know if the woman is alive, a literal scam, false, moved 3 years ago, is married, has a live in boy friend and wants to get money or a free dinner from you, makes a living from the small sums sent to her by their clients, or is a professional who make a very great living from corresponding with men like you!

How well will the International agency know the women who they have never met? If they have never met them how do they know the women are not scams or if the women even exist?

Look at their contact page. Does a address or phone number exist? Most do not list their address or their telephone number. I list our address, our office telephone number, and my cell phone number. Do you know of any agency that the owner publishes his cell phone number?

All of the ladies who join our agency have been met by our staff. We examine their documents and consult and interview them in detail. I have personally met almost all of them. We live here and regularly see many of the women.  

I have been living in the Ukraine for over 4 years and have had very bad experiences with the marriage agencies so I decided to start mine.  

My personnel experience with most marriage agencies it that both the agencies and the women were not legitimate, In fact, most were scams. That is the primary reason why I started my agency. I would really like to you married. When I introduce people and they like each other and get married, I know I have the greatest job in the world!  

I was also looking for a wife myself and have been doing so for the 4 years. Unfortunately, I have been to many bad agencies and have wasted my time. All of those bad experiences have inspired me to help myself and to build an agency that works. I really want to get serious men and women together.  

If you look at most of the photos on our web site you will recognize the same background. It is the wall in our office or the street in front of our office.  I try really hard to meet the women and to take a realistic photo of them. I hate glamour shots. One major problem is when you meet the women they never appear to remotely look like the women in the photos. That is why we try to take real snapshots of the women ourselves and interview them at the same time to make sure they are genuine.

I encourage you to take advantage of our services now. Most of our ladies have never corresponded with western men much less met them. Our agency is a real agency and you will be one of the first people, if not the first, to correspond and meet these women. That is a far cry from the 10 letters a day the women at the big agencies are experiencing. So I encourage you to get started now. I truly believe you can quickly change your life with our help.

I have also been blessed with a great and dedicated staff who is highly motivated in getting you married.  While most marriage agencies change their directors more often than underwear I still have my original director and my original employee after four years of business. 

Kiev Connections is probably the only marriage agency that significantly contributes to local charities, such as, the Kyiv Lions, club, and father's house, but all across the Internet we are recommended by the highest regarded forum and anti-scam sites. 

Kiev Connections is on the Gold List of the most respected two anti-scam sites on the Internet. You can see we are  highly recommended by Jim’s List and Marriage Agency Scams, as well as, top listed on Honest Marriage Agencies. You can even see a step-by-step trip report from an administrator on the top Russian women marriage agency forum The Russian Meeting Place.

Come to Kiev and you will see the difference! Come and let me help you. I will be glad to help you in any way possible. I truly would love to introduce you to your future wife.

Sincerely yours,     

Brett Ousley  

Trip Report to Kiev Connections by Robert King

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Kiev Connections Marriage agency in Kiev is owned by Brett Ousley. Brett Ousley also owns 2 other marriage agencies that incorporate his marriage agency offices in Kiev, Chernigov and Kirovograd. You can see Russian Women Connection marriage agency web site, and Angels in Kiev web site which is also known as Angels in Ukraine.

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Kiev Connections Marriage agency owned by Brett Ousley is located in the beautiful city of Kiev. If you are looking to use a marriage agency you may want to use Kiev Connections MatchMaker service our Kiev Connections letter forwarding service. Before you come to Kiev Brett Ousley suggests look through the Latest Ukrainian women photos and the Ukrainian Women Photos. You might even consider sending your lady flowers or gifts. You may even want to Join Kiev Connections of see their Russian Women forum. Surely you would like to read Kiev Connections Why we are better page and their FAQ page. Also check out the about us page of Kiev Connections to learn all about the employees of Kiev Connections and the owner Brett Ousley. Great suggestions can be read at the Kiev Connections page What we suggest page of  Kiev Connections.

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